“Menage a Trois” with Anneli, Leila, and Mr. X

Mr. X is just waking up from a luxurious afternoon vacation nap (you know the kind that is so nice after spending the day at the beach). Well the girls have just been napping too and they woke up horny, so they make a plan to have some fun with Mr. X – together.

Laughing and smiling they take turns sucking his cock, then he gets them ready and he alternates putting himself inside either girl. They roll around on the bed and switch positions a few times until they all have strong orgasms.

Watch these three ‘friends with benefits’ pleasure each other for your pleasure! Video is coming on Friday and I know you will all LOVE it!!

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X-Art gets intimate with Silvie in “Just Married”

This is what separates X-Art from the pack – their ability to show us beautiful couples in truly intimate encounters and situations, as they have amazing sex. Silvie stars in this X-Art movie, and it features a very special look inside the bedroom as she and her new husband have some passionate sex. This video oozes with eroticism and sensuality and is surely one you could share with your girlfriend or wife without shame.

Check out more of “Just Married”

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Sneak a peak at Tatiana in “The Voyeur”

Tatiana likes to use her vibrator to get off, but she’s not so keen on having a film crew sitting around watching her. So in this set, you get a very intimate encounter with this pretty X Art model as she lays in bed, fingering herself to ecstasy. But it doesn’t end there, because her boyfriend soon enters the picture. Soon they’re making love, and he bends her over and she takes it doggy style – which sure seems like her favorite position as she moans with pleasure.

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Sexy blonde X-Art model Tabitha in “Stay with me”

Tabitha is a sexy blonde X-Art model and in this, her first video on their site, she lays in bed with her man, and Brigham captures their lovemaking in a series of erotic photos that will get your heart pumping. She’s got a set of nice, big and firm breasts. They aren’t giant, but proportionate to her body. Her long slender legs lead your eyes to her pussy, shaved, and her eyes encourage you to take it all in and enjoy. Watch as she and her man fuck in their own bed, and share a very private moment with you.

View photos from “Stay with me” on X-Art

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X-Art takes us on an X-Mas Vacation

Join Leila and Carmen as they give and receive

I guess it’s the season of giving, and for one lucky guy in this X-Art video, receiving too. If I were headed to a secret Santa party with this crew, I’d bring my dick in a box too. In this video we watch as Leila and Carmen bring a lucky guy down to the beach to play. They frolic around in the water a bit, and then lay down on the sandy beach. He spreads Carmen’s legs and slowly licks her while she makes out with and touches Leila. Leila soon climbs on top of her sexy friend, pressing her body tight. They take turns getting it from behind, and finally they both suck this lucky man off, as they receive their final gift – a nice facial.

Download HD photos and video

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Mary performs in “Show you my love”

You might have seen this pretty face on other sites like Met-art and Femjoy, but I guarantee they didn’t show her getting down like this. She goes by “Miela” there, or Mary here with X-Art. Whatever she wants to call herself is really a trivial matter though, because this young blonde can do it all. She knows how to take a dick, and at only nineteen years old too. This young model certainly needs to do more scenes with X-Art.

Download HD photos and video from “Show you my love”

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“Deeper” with Jewel

X-art Deeper

Jewel likes it deep, very deep. Her preferred method? A nice thick glass dildo. She is well accustomed to its ways and she proceeds to make that very clear to us as she works her wet pussy to climax.

Check out the full HD pics

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Having “Sex with a Supermodel”

Tiffany shows us what it’s like

Do you frequently wonder what it’s like to have sex with a supermodel, or these girls that inhabit the pages of sites like X-Art and Metart? I know, me too. In this set of photos and video, X-Art films Tiffany having sex with her man, in an extremely intimate portrayal of what real passion is between this couple. Watch as she rides on top of him, bringing herself to a loud orgasm, and much more.

Download photos and video from “Sex with a Supermodel”

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Veronica makes her “Latin Dream” come true

Sexy young Latina takes control

Veronica is one of X-Art’s youngest little stars, and she’s a looker. When she wants something she gets it. In this case, it’s Mr. X – she’s seen him performing and wants her shot. She enters the room wearing a slinky white nightgown, which quickly falls to the ground.

As she climbs on top of Mr. X, and takes his cock in her hands, her eyes meet his and it’s clear she’s ready to devour him. She licks him until he’s hard and then proceeds to climb on top to slide every inch of his rock hard cock deep inside her. Veronica knows what she wants and likes, and it’s clear in this movie from X Art.

Check out the pics and video from “Latin Dream”

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“Every mans desire” with Melanie and Victoria

Mr. X is one lucky man

Any guy who’s in a relationship thinks about it sometimes – having his wife’s sexy friend join in the bedroom. His night is going like any other, enjoying his time with Melanie. They head into the bedroom, when out of nowhere Victoria appears. Turns out Melanie thought it might be fun to surprise him. After she takes her turn sucking and fucking her man, Melanie sits back and lets Victoria take her turn. Mr. X gets used and abused in a good way, leaving no room for complaint.

Watch the movie and see photos from “Every Man’s Desire”

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